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‘Squid Game’ Set to Return for Second Season


‘Squid Game’ Set to Return for Second Season

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Squid Game unequivocally stood out as one of Netflix’s most striking successes in 2021, and feasibly in the entire landscape of streaming content for the year. The narrative crafted by South Korean author Hwang Dong-hyuk, revolving around the unexpected plunge of Seong Gi-hun into a ruthless series of youth games with vast stakes, captured the hearts of viewers and beyond, setting new records for Netflix with its peak concurrent viewership and escalating into a cultural phenomenon.

The inaugural season of the show culminated in a suspenseful climax, and although a sequel was not initially part of the plan, Hwang acknowledged that the overwhelmingly positive reception made a follow-up almost certain. Recently, Netflix officially announced the continuation of the series.

During the company’s review of fourth-quarter earnings, Ted Sarandos, the co-CEO and chief content officer, responded affirmatively when questioned about the potential return of Squid Game to the platform. “Without a doubt,” replied Sarandos, “The Squid Game universe is just starting.”

Furthermore, Sarandos expressed his view of Squid Game as a potential franchise with substantial room for expansion, envisioning its extension into various other sectors such as gaming, merchandise, and live, immersive experiences (hopefully minus the armed personnel). His foresight on the matter is quite accurate; during the peak of Squid Game‘s popularity, numerous online personalities like streamers and influencers organized their versions of friendly Squid Game contests, attracting a large number of participants.

While there is no official announcement yet concerning the arrival of another season of Squid Game, it is a safe assumption to consider it a top priority for Netflix, hinting at a sooner rather than later release.

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