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Actress Sandra Bullocks Confesses To Being An “Unhip” Mother

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Actress Sandra Bullocks Confesses To Being An “Unhip” Mother

Actress Sandra Bullock, the mother of two youngsters, Louis, aged 11, and Laila, aged 8, revealed to PEOPLE that she acknowledges being an “unhip” mother.

“I exist simply as the maternal figure. In my absence, I am longed for, in my presence, I am a source of annoyance, and that is precisely how it should be.”

Bullock welcomed her son Louis into her family in 2010, and she adopted Laila in 2012. She has strived to maintain a low-key profile for her children and refrains from disclosing any personal details about them.

Bullock was previously married to Jesse James for five years before their split in 2010. She has been in a relationship with her current significant other, Bryan Randall, for six years.

She acknowledged that she mainly embodies the essence of an unhip mother. “Unless I arrive home bearing some sort of treat. The other night, I arrived home with donuts. In that moment, I was exceptionally trendy!” However, right after, she reverted back to being an unhip mother.

She affirms that she wouldn’t desire it any other way.

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