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Bill Murray Contemplates Shifting Industry Norms


Bill Murray Contemplates Shifting Industry Norms

Just recently, the production of the film Being Mortal, helmed by Aziz Ansari and featuring Bill Murray and Seth Rogan, came to a standstill. This halt was prompted by a grievance raised by members of the cast and crew concerning Murray’s behavior on set.

According to an unnamed source cited by Page Six, “He was quite tactile, not in any inappropriate manner, but he would casually put his arm around a woman, touch her hair, tug at her ponytail — all in a comedic spirit. It’s a delicate situation, and everyone admires Bill, but while his actions are not unlawful, some women felt uneasy, sensing he had overstepped a boundary.”

During the weekend, Murray engaged with CNBC regarding the incidents in question, attributing them to differing perspectives on propriety. “We found ourselves at odds; I had a disagreement with a female colleague. I did something I found amusing, but it was not received that way,” Murray remarked. “The company, the film studio wanted to address the issue properly. Thus, they decided to scrutinize the matter and consequently paused the production. As of now, we are in discussions and working towards an amicable resolution.

“We are both seasoned professionals, we admire each other’s craft, we seem to get along well, and if we are unable to establish mutual trust and camaraderie, there’s no purpose in proceeding to collaborate further or continuing with the film,” he further added. “This has truly been an enriching experience for me.”

“What I found amusing as a child may not necessarily be amusing in today’s context. Times change, humor evolves, and it’s incumbent upon me to adapt,” reflected Murray. “I believe it’s a pitiable dog unable to learn new tricks. No one wants to be that melancholic pup, and I definitely have no intention of becoming one.”

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