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The Meaning Behind Taylor Swift’s Song Lyrics ‘loml’

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The Meaning Behind Taylor Swift’s Song Lyrics ‘loml’

The identity behind Taylor Swift’s song ‘loml’ from her recent album ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ has sparked curiosity among fans. Who does the song revolve around? Let’s delve into it.

Taylor Swift unveiled her newest album ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ on the 19th of April, featuring tracks like ‘Fortnight’, ‘So Long, London’, and ‘imgonnagetyouback’. Swifties are now engaged in their favorite pastime of dissecting every lyric to uncover its underlying message.

Among the songs on Taylor’s eleventh studio album, the twelfth track entitled ‘loml’ is a familiar internet shorthand for ‘love of my life.’

But when has Taylor ever been that straightforward? Known for embedding multiple layers of meaning and symbolism in her songs, Taylor’s prowess in songwriting has elevated her as one of the most profound poets of our time.

Their relationship was predominantly kept out of the public eye, yet Joe was Taylor’s lengthiest known romantic involvement, spanning over six years.

Speculation suggests that the song could be a breakup anthem reminiscing about their shared moments and subsequent estrangement. Rumors quickly circulated that the entirety of the album revolves around their love story, right down to its title.

The track ‘So Long, London’ from the new album seems to hint that ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ delves into Taylor’s relationship with her London-born ex, Joe. This assumption gains further credibility as Taylor’s 2019 track ‘London Boy’ vividly describes their escapades around Camden Market, Highgate, Brixton, and Shoreditch.

In 2022, Joe mentioned that he was part of a group chat named The Tortured Man Club, which included actors Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott.

A fan presented a thought-provoking idea in a TikTok comment suggesting that ‘loml’ could symbolize Joe’s evolving communication with Taylor, starting with heartfelt messages and eventually abbreviating it to ‘loml’ out of convenience.

Following their split, Taylor and Joe refrained from discussing each other publicly, indicating a mutual understanding. Is it possible that their relationship naturally waned, as often seen in long-term commitments, which ‘loml’ encapsulates?

Another speculation suggests a possible link between ‘loml’ and Harry Styles. This theory may seem far-fetched, given that Taylor and Harry were romantically involved from 2012 to 2013, and Harry released a track titled ‘Love of My Life’ in his 2022 album ‘Harry’s House.’ Could Taylor’s song share a thematic connection with Harry’s, furthering their musical dialogue?

Lastly, it’s worth considering that ‘loml’ might reference Taylor’s current partner, Travis Kelce.

Since 2023, the couple has been inseparable, with a source disclosing to US Weekly, “Taylor has already written love songs about Travis Kelce.”authored melodies about Travis… She has crafted at minimum two tunes. These compositions revolve around their romantic tale and developing affections for him.”

The reason we ponder if ‘loml’ pertains to Travis is because the source mentioned that her musical pieces about him are currently kept private.

“She probably won’t disclose them to anyone. They hold great significance,” expressed the insider to the publication. “Tracks are akin to verse for her. Similar to how many individuals jot down in their diary, Taylor pens down lyrics. Her bond with Travis has spurred her creativity.”

Despite singing ‘loss of my life‘ towards the conclusion of the track, and her enduring relationship with Travis, this notion is dismissed.

‘loml’ revolves around losing the ‘love of your life’, a subject Taylor recalls being told by a former partner repeatedly. She croons: ‘Holy ghost, you told me I’m the love of your life / You said I’m the love of your life / About a million times.’

She delves into the void left behind with the conclusion of their romance: ‘I felt a void like this, never before and ever since.’ Nonetheless, this could reference her enduring love with her former and current-ex Joe, or a brief fling with Matty Healy post that.

The duo briefly dallied in 2014, which could be the inspiration behind Taylor’s lyrics: ‘Who’s gonna halt us from gracefully returning to rekindled passions / If we know the gestures anyhow / We intricately wove the moments of separation / Stitching, “We were just youngsters, darling” / I said, “I’m unperturbed, it necessitates time.”

Conversely, it might pertain to Joe given reports suggest they parted ways and reunited several times before permanently ending it the previous year.

Taylor culminates the composition with: ‘You’re the loss of my love’, </em;a line that has left fans emotionally moved.

Who will deter us from waltzing back into revived passions
If we already know the dance steps
We embroidered the memories of the moments I was absent
Stitching, “We were just young souls, beloved”
I mentioned, “I have no objection, patience is key”
I assumed caution was wiser than being overly enthusiastic
I experienced a warmth like this, never before and never since

If you comprehend it in a single glance, it’s legendary
Our journey extends from a single kiss to marital vows
Still alive, passing time at the graveyard
Yet to be completely laid to rest

And your formal attire, just in time
You unreliable yet upright gentleman
Holy ghost, you assured me I’m the love of your life
You reiterated I’m the love of your life
Approximately a million times

Who will reveal the truth when you arrived with the winds of destiny
And asserted that I transformed you
When your heavenly impressionist artworks turned out to be counterfeits
Indeed, you led me to torment as well
All at once, the ink spills
A trickster sells a naïve individual a “find love fast” scheme
I felt a void like this, never before and ever since

If you comprehend it in a single glance, it’s legendary
What we presumed to be eternal turned out ephemeral
Still alive, killing time at the cemetery
Yet to be fully buried

You aficionado of cinema in black and white
All those unforeseen plots and explosive revelations
Mister Casanova, then reducing her to tears
Stating I’m the love of your life

You discredited me beneath the table
Discussing rings and cradles
I wish I could unremember
How we almost had it all
Ghosts of the dance floor
Are they feeling embarrassed by proxy
That I can’t rise from bed
Since something fake has perished
It was extraordinary
It was fleeting
It was superfluous
Should have allowed it to remain buried

You’re the loss of my life
Oh, what a bold declaration
What a mundane farewell
The coward posed as a lion
I’m unraveling the strands of deception
I’ll never depart, never disregard
Our dreams domain consumed by flames
Your incendiary match, your somber gaze
And I’ll continue seeing until my demise

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