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Anton Danyluk Puts In End On Rumours Of His Involvement With Georgia Harrison

Image Source: Anton Danyluk @ Instagram


Anton Danyluk Puts In End On Rumours Of His Involvement With Georgia Harrison

Anton has put an end to the gossip surrounding a split with Georgia H through a single post amidst suspicions of his involvement with Hannah Elizabeth.

Anton Danyluk and Georgia Harrison turned out to be an unforeseen pair from Love Island All Stars, but they eventually proved to be the ideal match.

Recent skeptics were seemingly validated when a video shared by Georgia hinted at a breakup. This speculation heightened after Anton was captured arm in arm with Love Island co-star Hannah Elizabeth during a ‘date night’ in Mayfair.

Accompanied by Anton’s mom Sharie Ann, who happens to be his podcast host for ‘What’s The Crack’, the pair were joined by Hannah. She posted a lighthearted video on her IG story where Anton referred to her as his “wifey,” teasing, “Reunited with the wifey! The wife, it’s date night tonight you know, I can’t wait,”

Charlotte remarked, “You’re obviously with Georgia,” along with a gesture prompting Anton to respond, “It’s been like literally five weeks at most.”

Charlotte pushed further: “Jack and I got pregnant after two months, Anton, you need to get this going. What are you waiting for? Time’s ticking away.”

The reality TV personality has been in a relationship with her partner Jake Ankers since early 2022. They swiftly moved in together and welcomed their daughter Alba in October, with Jake proposing just over a year later.

“Let’s get it out, make it happen, and get that baby on the way,” she joked. Sharing a laugh with his mom, Anton echoed, “get it out, get it in.”

Anton accompanied the post with a poll asking followers if they concurred with Charlotte, providing ‘Yes – another Love Island baby’ and ‘No too soon’ as response options.

Despite the speculations, it appears that Anton and Georgia’s bond remains strong, as no one would be discussing having a child with an ex!

One fan commented, “Make it official at least,” to which the Scotsman responded, “That’s what I thought the next step was.” This implies that the duo might not even be officially dating yet, but it’s evident they are still seeing each other.

A supporter of the baby conversation expressed, “Honestly, Anton and G make a fantastic couple, and I believe their offspring would be adorable. I’m all for it. Excited.”

Nevertheless, the breakup speculations may persist until Anton and Georgia are spotted together once again, particularly as following Anton’s video, Hannah posted a photo of them together at an event, further suggesting a romantic connection.

Georgia has recently left the country for a juice retreat, so it may be a while before she reunites with her partner.

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