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Costco Chief Financial Officer Vows to Sustain Price of Frankfurters


Costco Chief Financial Officer Vows to Sustain Price of Frankfurters

Irrespective of circumstances, a Costco frankfurter and soft drink will forever be priced at $1.50.

Apart from its warehouses stocked with products in large quantities, Costco retail outlets have always been favored for their food court offerings, such as sandwiches and fried dough pastries. Regrettably, due to widespread inflation and a slightly declining profit margin, many items on Costco’s menus have had to undergo price adjustments. However, there is one item that, according to Costco’s top brass, will unquestionably and unconditionally never experience a price hike.

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During the recent Q4 earnings call at Costco, Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti assured that the Kirkland Frankfurter combo, consisting of a quarter-pound beef sausage in a bun and a 20 oz. carbonated beverage for a mere $1.50, will always remain at its current price, even if it means sacrificing increased profits.

“Some thriving businesses with good profit margins…enable us to adopt a more proactive stance in other areas, or, as previously mentioned, keep the price of the frankfurter and soft drink stable for longer periods – indefinitely,” he stated.

The Frankfurter Combo was initially launched in 1985 and has consistently stood out as one of Costco’s most sought-after food selections. This dedication remains unwavering throughout the organization; in July, when CNBC inquired if the price of the Frankfurter Combo would ever increase, CEO Craig Jelinek emphatically responded with a resounding “No.”

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