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Zayn Admirers Are Not Happy By His Recent Gigi Hadid Relationship Revelation

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Zayn Admirers Are Not Happy By His Recent Gigi Hadid Relationship Revelation

In Zayn’s most recent chat with Zach Sang, his romantic affairs surfaced and supporters are taken aback by the insinuations he made regarding his bond with Gigi Hadid.

While delving deep into his fresh tunes and the upcoming record ‘Room Under The Stairs‘, Zayn got remarkably open about his love life.

The vocalist of ‘What I Am‘ engaged in a conversation with podcaster Zach Sang who questioned him: “Reflecting on your past, do you ever think, ‘I was in love’?”

Zayn and Gigi Hadid admirers, be prepared – his reply was: “When you inquire, ‘what does love mean,’ I find it hard to respond because I’m not certain if I’ve genuinely experienced true love.”

One commenter expressed: “A somewhat perplexing query, but it’s disheartening to contemplate that he didn’t have strong feelings for Gigi.”

Other reactions included statements like, “I adore him, but this is unbelievable considering he was betrothed!!!” and “Gigi must be distressed somewhere.” Nonetheless, the majority of the comments were his enthusiasts asserting that he has never felt love because he hasn’t encountered them… continue dreaming, folks!

Zayn was previously engaged to Little Mix luminary Perrie Edwards, and reports also surfaced claiming that he proposed to Gigi but was turned down due to her young age. Both these relationships failed to last, underscoring his claim of never truly experiencing love.

Even though he and Gigi continue to co-parent their child, later in the discussion, Zayn hinted at being completely “finished” with their amorous bond.

Zayn discussed how their separation inspired his track ‘Alienated’, Zach probed: “Does a song of that nature conclude that narrative or does it leave room for more?”

“It’s a conclusion,” he firmly added. Elaborating on the necessity for closure, he remarked: “Bring things to a close and declare that it’s over, I’m done with this. This sentiment is out and I can now progress beyond it.”

He mentioned that the song doesn’t symbolize closure for him as he found it in reality, expressing that he has “moved on” from that phase in his life.

Although he didn’t specifically name anyone, considering his child with Gigi and the family turmoil that ensued, it’s probable that she was the most tumultuous chapter in his romantic history.

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