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Will Hayes and Soléne End Up Together in the Final Scene of ‘The Idea of You’

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Will Hayes and Soléne End Up Together in the Final Scene of ‘The Idea of You’

The conclusion of The Idea of You leaves viewers with a hopeful cliffhanger regarding the fate of Hayes and Solène’s bond.

If you haven’t already fallen for Hayes Campbell and Solène Marchand from The Idea of You, get ready to.

The recent movie, featuring Nicholas Galitzine and Anne Hathaway, showcases 40-year-old Solène diving into a whirlwind romance with 24-year-old boyband sensation Hayes Campbell. Despite the age difference and numerous challenges they face, love blossoms between them. But do they ultimately find their way back to each other?

The conclusion of The Idea of You deviates significantly from the end of Robinne Lee’s original novel, hinting at a completely different future for Hayes and Solène’s relationship. Let’s explore how the film wraps up and the significance of the final scene for Hayes and Solène’s future.

Subsequently, Hayes pays a visit to Solène at her residence, suggesting they make a pact to “reconnect” in five years, once Izzy completes school and Hayes transitions into anonymity. Solène deems it “too lengthy,” and they agree to pursue happiness with others if the opportunity arises.

Fast forward five years, Solène, now 45, has a fresh hairstyle, Izzy is in college, and 29-year-old Hayes has evolved into a successful solo artist sporting mature, suave facial hair.

Solène chances upon him performing on a talk show, where he hints at a forthcoming trip to LA to visit someone special.

In the closing sequence, Hayes stands in Solène’s art gallery. As they exchange smiles, a tear of joy escapes Solène’s eye.

Though the film’s conclusion leaves room for interpretation and doesn’t explicitly confirm their reunion, it strongly suggests they are ready to commit to their relationship. The longevity of their bond remains open-ended, inviting viewers to ponder their future.

Compared to the book’s finale, which excludes any reconciliation between them, the movie offers a more optimistic and promising resolution. Despite Hayes’ persistence in reaching out, Solène opts to move on with her life.

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