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Adam Sandler Takes Lead in Netflix’s ‘Hustle’


Adam Sandler Takes Lead in Netflix’s ‘Hustle’

Although Adam Sandler is widely recognized for his comedic performances, he has demonstrated a surprisingly diverse range in recent years. His portrayal in Uncut Gems proved his ability to deliver in serious roles with authenticity, and now he is set to showcase it again.

Today, Netflix unveiled the initial trailer for Hustle, a fresh sports-themed movie featuring Adam Sandler as a worn-out talent spotter for the Philadelphia 76ers and NBA athlete Juancho Hernangómez as a skilled street basketball player with a complex background.

“Stanley Sugerman’s adoration for basketball knows no bounds, yet the weary Philadelphia 76ers scout, who aspires to coach, remains stuck on the road in pursuit of the next hidden talent,” the official summary states. “His global quest brings him to Spain, where he encounters Bo Cruz, an extraordinary streetball player with a turbulent past. Stanley and Bo form a bond on and off the court, united by their love for the game and shared commitment as devoted family figures determined to triumph, both in basketball and in life.”

It’s common knowledge that Sandler has a deep-rooted love for basketball, as evident by its recurring presence in many of his movies, and this isn’t the first time he has shared the screen with an NBA player. However, in contrast to those instances, Hustle appears to be a more grounded and earnest project. With any luck, this movie will earn accolades, preventing Sandler from offering up another Hubie Halloween as retribution.

Hustle is set to debut on Netflix on June 8, 2022.

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