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Taylor Swift Is Rumoured To Be Making A Cameo In Deadpool 3

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Taylor Swift Is Rumoured To Be Making A Cameo In Deadpool 3

Gossips are swirling regarding Taylor Swift’s possible appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), particularly in Deadpool 3. But is there any truth to it? And if so, which superhero might she portray?

There has been speculation that Taylor Swift might have entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), causing a frenzy amongst fans.

With her latest album, ‘The Tortured Poets Department,’ releasing in mid-April and the commencement of her European leg of the World Eras Tour in May, Swifties have been spoiled for choice in their admiration for the singer.

The speculations arose when online investigators noticed that the setting for Taylor’s music video ‘All To Well’ was the same as the location for the trailer of Deadpool & Wolverine. Swifties know she has always enjoyed incorporating secretive easter eggs.

Normally, this wouldn’t raise eyebrows, as her partner Travis Kelce is with the Kansas City Chiefs. However, Taylor was present alongside none other than Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman—portrayers of Deadpool and Wolverine, respectively—during a particular event. These are the two characters central to the upcoming Deadpool installment.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ryan was questioned about these rumors, to which he chuckled before stating, “Are you kidding me?… I would do anything for that woman. She’s a genius.”

Deadpool director Shawn Levy was also questioned about this by Entertainment Tonight following his appearance at CinemaCon.

When asked directly about Taylor’s alleged involvement, Shawn replied, “I can’t believe you’d ask me something you know I can’t address. It’s common knowledge I can’t respond to such queries.”

He further added, “Yet, as previously mentioned at CinemaCon, the abundance of conjectures regarding the cast of this film is fantastic, as the truth will remain unknown until July 26th.”

If Taylor has indeed signed on to join the MCU as speculated, the character she is linked to is ‘Dazzler’.

During the time when the X-Men franchise was under Fox Studios’ ownership, there were supposedly attempts to enlist the pop star for this role, though it was never officially confirmed. However, with Disney now at the helm, everything has changed.

For those unfamiliar with Dazzler, brace yourselves to be amazed when you hear why Taylor might be a perfect fit for this role.

In the Marvel comics, Dazzler’s real name is Alison Blaire. Hailing from Gardendale, New York, Alison’s mutant abilities emerged during her junior high years. Despite her father’s preference for her to pursue Law, Alison’s inclination towards singing and ambition to become a professional singer prevailed. (Do you see the parallels already?)

When Alison volunteered to perform at a school event, her mutant powers manifested, revealing her talent to convert sound into luminous energy forms.

If anyone were to excel in the role of Dazzler, our bets are on Taylor completely owning it.

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