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Andy Cohen Doesn’t Regret His New Year’s Eve Outburst

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Andy Cohen Doesn’t Regret His New Year’s Eve Outburst

Andy Cohen served as the host for the New Year’s Eve Live event on CNN alongside Anderson Cooper. Similar to many, Cohen indulged in a few beverages to welcome the new year.

Distinct from the masses, Cohen found himself live on television. This, however, didn’t stop him from having a bit of a good time, did it?

In all fairness, both Cooper and Cohen were tossing back tequila shots as if they were effortless. As the evening unfolded, Cohen’s viewpoints and emotions on various matters also evolved.

Cohen delved into multiple spontaneous diatribes on air, passionately discussing public figures like Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and entertainment colleagues such as Ryan Seacrest. His tirade reached its zenith when he shifted his focus towards former NYC mayor Bill de Blasio.

“I won’t be shamed for it! I had a blast! Anderson had a blast! We left and we were like, ‘That was fun, what a fun New Year’s Eve,’” the host clarified. “No apologies for my revelry on New Year’s Eve. None.”

Cohen’s New Year’s Eve theatrics brought a breath of fresh air to most viewers. Ultimately, we all deserve to unwind and have a good time after enduring yet another turbulent year.

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