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A Deep Dive Into Taylor Swift And Matt Healy’s Relationship

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A Deep Dive Into Taylor Swift And Matt Healy’s Relationship

Taylor Swift and The 1975 frontman Matty Healy had a short-lived relationship, but when did they start seeing each other and for how long were they an item?

The buzz around Taylor Swift and Matty Healy’s romantic involvement captivated many last year as fans pondered for weeks about its authenticity.

Speculation about the duo being in a relationship arose in May 2023 when they were seen together; however, less than two months later, they separated. Taylor then added several songs about Matty to ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ track list, which also contains numerous references to her ex, Joe Alwyn.

Taylor and Matty have admired each other for years; she even surprised him by appearing at his concert in London earlier in 2023, where she took a picture with his mother, Denise Welch from Loose Women.

Shortly after the initial dating rumors surfaced, TMZ reported that Taylor and Matty had split after a whirlwind romance.

The reason behind their breakup remains unknown, but it was suggested that the ex-couple were ‘just having fun’ and Taylor was not prepared for another serious commitment at that time. Enter Travis Kelce.

Their relationship garnered so much attention that some fans directly asked The 1975 vocalist if he was indeed Taylor’s new beau.

During a Taylor concert, Matty, who was a frequent attendee, was seen conversing with the singer’s dad, and a fan near him reportedly inquired about the romantic speculations.

According to the fan – @eleanorazefirst on TikTok – she claimed that Matty seemed to affirm their relationship! In a ‘story time’, she mentioned: “Matty showed a gesture which appeared to confirm their relationship!” as she theatrically illustrated him blinking twice.

She then added: “He did that, and I was like, ‘Really?!’ and he nodded,” seemingly affirming the relationship rumors.

The alleged romance intensified as the musical duo was once again seen together in New York on the 24th of May.

Taylor and Matty were spotted socializing with friends Jack Antonoff, Margaret Qualley, and Zoë Kravitz at the popular celebrity venue Zero Bond on May 24.

An observer informed PEOPLE, “Taylor and Matty were spotted kissing,” on the alleged night out.

Taylor and Matty’s bond seemed to be deepening at the beginning of last summer, and during her Eras Tour concert on May 20, she poured her heart out to the audience, expressing that she’s ‘never felt this happy.’

Prior to performing a surprise track titled ‘Questions…?’, Taylor shared: “I just feel like telling you, I don’t know, I’ve never been this content in my life—in all aspects—ever before.”

She further stated: “I just want to convey my gratitude for your presence in my life. I don’t know, it’s not just about the tour. I just feel that my life finally seems coherent. So, I decided to play this song, which holds many joyful memories for me.”

Following a series of public appearances together, Taylor and Matty were once again seen, this time leaving the studio – quite intriguing!

On May 15, 2023, snapshots were taken of the musicians exiting the Electric Lady recording studio in New York; they swiftly navigated through the paparazzi and entered a vehicle.

This wasn’t the first occasion they collaborated on music, as Matty revealedDuring November, The 1975 collaborated on a ‘Midnights’ track, mentioning, “We made some progress on that, but the final version never saw the light of day.”

Following several of her Eras Tour concerts, the British artist engaged in a late-night recording session.

Fans lost track of the numerous occasions Matty graced Taylor’s recent concerts, only to be surprised when they spotted him attending a show alongside none other than the pop star’s father!

During Taylor’s series of performances in Philadelphia, Healy was seen in the VIP family booth and several videos emerged showing him singing along with Scott Swift on social platforms.

One TikTok user even claimed that Matty confirmed the relationship rumors, with the video caption stating, “Matty Healy responded affirmatively when asked if they were in a relationship.”

Speculations about a romantic relationship between the two celebrities intensified after they were sighted on May 11 at the upscale restaurant and hotel, Casa Cipriani in New York City.

Photos taken by diners swiftly made rounds online, capturing Taylor and Matty allegedly on a date night, holding hands.

An eyewitness who spotted the rumored couple spoke to Page Six, disclosing: “They were seated next to each other in a banquette within the lounge area.”

The account further mentioned seeing them “cozying up and sharing kisses” under the watchful eye of security personnel.

On May 6, Taylor and Matty were captured in a photo together for the first time since relationship rumors ignited a flurry of online activity.

The 1975‘s frontman had been present at all three of her sold-out shows in Nashville, further fueling speculations about their possible romance.

In images shared by Page Six, the pair can be seen seated in the back of a black SUV with tinted windows, chauffeured to Taylor’s Nashville residence.

Aside from playing the guitar during Phoebe Bridgers’ opening performance at the Eras concerts, Matty was also spotted in the VIP tent mingling with Taylor’s close pals Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge, and Ashley Avignone – it seems he had received their approval.

Taylor and Matty’s relationship lasted nearly two months, from April to June 2023. Their bond appeared genuine, as on the day rumors surfaced about their relationship, he added ‘She’s American’ to The 1975’s set list on May 4, prefacing it by stating to the crowd, “Indeed she is!”

Whether confirming the rumors or simply having a playful interaction, the gesture showcased their affection.

According to sources in the entertainment industry, Taylor and Matty were romantically involved for a few weeks by that time. Deux Moi shared on their Instagram on May 3: “I learned about this a couple of weeks ago, I referenced it briefly on the podcast, I doubted it.”

The insider continued: “Fast forward to last weekend when this individual alerted me that I was permitted to share, they are a notable figure in their own right, hence this intel is from another well-known figure. [They] messaged me last weekend and shared, ‘I have to tell you I recently heard that Tay Swift is in a relationship with The 1975 frontman. Antonoff orchestrated it’.”

Additionally, Deux Moi disclosed several other details they received about the alleged new couple, asserting that Taylor and Matty had been an item for at least two weeks.

Taylor and Matty initiated their relationship circa April 2023, shortly after her breakup with Joe became public knowledge.

Initially downplaying their connection, they gradually revealed their bond to the public, with Matty accompanying her to The Eras Tour and introducing her to his parents!

The couple had first crossed paths nearly a decade ago, with rumors of a potential relationship circulating at that time, which Matty refuted, denying any romantic involvement.

He asserted on an Australian radio program, “It’s all made up. It’s utterly fabricated. It’s a joke! Yeah, we met, exchanged numbers like many people in this environment, and chatted occasionally.

“She’s a massive global pop sensation, and I’m in Australia. There’s no relationship brewing. It’s amusing how people genuinely fall for that.”

In 2022, an old photo resurfaced, portraying Taylor sporting the band’s tour t-shirt, posted by someone from the band’s label with the tweet: “October is near,” sparking speculation of a possible collaboration as it preceded her album’s debut.

Matty later disclosed that he and the band “did some work on ‘Midnights’” but the versions they contributed to were never released.

During a Q&A session, he remarked, “This decision was made for reasons that shouldn’t be criticized. Taylor is truly incredible.”

Jumping to January 2023, the artists displayed mutual admiration when Taylor made an unexpected appearance at The 1975’s concert in London’s The O2, delivering an acoustic rendition of her track ‘Anti-Hero’.

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