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M&Ms Mascots Get Fresh Designs


M&Ms Mascots Get Fresh Designs

Credit: Unsplash

Despite being mere candy mascots, the personified M&Ms are among the most distinguished branding figures globally. This group of animated sweets has been ubiquitous for decades, featuring in advertisements, billboards, television, films, and even games. Just a glimpse of the Green M&M’s legs is enough for instant recognition. However, in a bid to resonate more with today’s young audience, Mars has opted for a subtle makeover for these characters.

In a statement on the official M&Ms website, Mars revealed the modified designs aimed at appealing to a “more vibrant, forward-thinking world” that will emphasize the characters’ “traits rather than their gender.” The alterations mainly focus on the lower body attire. Green has traded her high heels for modest sneakers, Ms. Brown’s heels, albeit retained, have been lowered to a more realistic height, and Orange has finally tied his perpetually loose shoelaces.

According to Mars, the key changes revolve around personality traits. Orange’s footwear is meant to signify a minor shift in personality; he continues to be anxious but is learning to embrace it positively. Green and Ms. Brown have developed a closer friendship, with Green labeling herself as a “cheerleader” for her pals. Red, previously inclined towards being brash, will adopt a friendlier demeanor. Yellow and Blue largely remain unaltered, which is acceptable since they were already flawless.

Expanding beyond the core mascot lineup, Mars has announced that M&Ms commercials will introduce a diverse array of animated candies with different colors and physique. This adjustment is aimed at highlighting their commitment to “individuality and unity within the community.”

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