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List of Grown-up Happy Meal Toys on eBay for Large Sums of Money


List of Grown-up Happy Meal Toys on eBay for Large Sums of Money

Not long ago, the fast-food empire McDonald’s teamed up with the trendy streetwear label Cactus Plant Flea Market to introduce “Grown-up Happy Meals,” which are larger-sized meals for adults that come with a quirky toy. The response to these meals was surprisingly positive, to the point where McDonald’s staff even had to urge customers to order fewer of them because they were being overwhelmed.

The promotion is ongoing until the end of October, but it appears that some eager individuals are trying to profit early by selling their toy acquisitions. Numerous listings showcasing the various Grown-up Happy Meal toys have started appearing on the auction platform eBay, with some valuing the toys at thousands of dollars. The priciest listing so far, featuring three toys that are still sealed, is listed for $300,000.95.

McDonald’s toys have been fetching exorbitant prices on eBay for a long time, so this trend isn’t entirely new. However, these are among the highest-priced listings seen for this specific product category in quite a while, especially considering that these items are still readily available. While the thousand-dollar listings have yet to attract any buyers, toys priced between $25 and $50 have been consistently piquing interest and selling in large quantities.

Not only the toys but even the Grown-up Happy Meal boxes have now become sought-after collectibles, with certain stores actually running out of boxes due to the high demand from customers.

“We had a queue outside our store on the first day,” shared an employee from a San Antonio McDonald’s with Business Insider, adding that “we completely sold out of boxes by 6 PM.”

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