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Tim Burton Concludes Collaboration with Disney


Tim Burton Concludes Collaboration with Disney

It’s common knowledge that the renowned filmmaker and expert in charmingly eerie creations Tim Burton has experienced friction with Disney in the past. Despite his remarkable successes with movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Burton’s artistic inclinations have often clashed with those of Disney, resulting in his dismissal and rehiring on multiple occasions. However, from now on, it appears that Burton has ultimately reached a breaking point.

During an interview with Deadline at the Lumière Festival in France this past weekend, Burton revealed that his involvement with Disney on the 2019 live-action rendition of Dumbo made it clear to him that his filmmaking priorities were too divergent from the company’s to foster a harmonious working relationship.

“My background is rooted in my beginnings there. I was hired and dismissed multiple times over the course of my tenure there,” Burton expressed. “The experience with Dumbo led me to realize that my days with Disney are over; I recognized that I was akin to Dumbo, toiling in this dreadful grand spectacle and in need of liberation. This film has a level of personal resonance for me.”

Furthermore, Burton admitted that he is simply not particularly drawn to Disney’s major blockbuster franchises, specifically Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “It has become highly uniform, exceedingly consolidated. There is less space for diverse content,” he remarked, alluding to more unconventional superhero narratives like his 1989 take on Batman. “I can only immerse myself in one realm; I cannot navigate a multiverse.”

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