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Eden Harper Reveals Surprising Breakup From Jayden Eynaud

Image Source: Eden Harper @ Instagram


Eden Harper Reveals Surprising Breakup From Jayden Eynaud

Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud from Married At First Sight Australia were perceived as one of the rare couples with a fighting chance. However, Eden has now officially confirmed their unexpected split!

Fans were taken aback this morning upon learning about the breakup of Married At First Sight Australia‘s Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud.

The relationship experts, Alessandra Rampolla, Mel Schilling, and John Aiken, matched them together, and they progressed positively during the social experiment until just before the homestays, where issues started arising.

Despite resolving their conflicts, reaching the final vows stage, and committing to each other post-experiment, Eden took to her social media last night to confirm the split, expressing her shock at the unforeseen turn of events.

“I’m disheartened to reveal that as the show was coming to an end, our relationship also unexpectedly reached its conclusion. Reality hit hard, as the person I selected did not reciprocate.”

The show concluded airing in Australia towards the end of March 2024, indicating that the breakup likely occurred a few weeks prior, with the pair keeping the news under wraps.

Interestingly, just a day before, Jayden shared a joyful photo of himself, Eden, and his brother Mitch Eynaud on Instagram.

In the picture, Eden and Jayden are captured holding hands, both smiling. However, based on Eden’s announcement, the split likely happened before the photo was shared.

In her breakup statement, Eden reflected, “Although I’m saddened, I have no regrets about the experiment, the individuals I encountered, the lessons learned, and the personal growth it facilitated for me.”

“Thank you for your support and for sharing the same aspirations of a fairytale ending that I had envisioned.”

Shortly after, Jayden also shared a post on his Instagram, captioned, “Life doesn’t always unfold as anticipated.”

“Following the experiment, Eden and I resumed our life on the Gold Coast, cherishing each moment together as we continued to build our relationship.

“Unfortunately, our relationship took a turn shortly before the experiment’s conclusion. Despite the sadness, I am grateful for the incredible journey with such a remarkable woman and a lovely son. Both of you will forever have a family on the Gold Coast.”

The separation came as a shock to fans, considering the couple’s strength on the show. However, tensions surfaced during their homestays merely two weeks before the experiment’s conclusion.

As they were preparing to depart for their homestays, conflict arose when Jayden claimed that Eden was mysteriously absent that morning.

Subsequently, Jayden was shown heading to the airport alone and catching a flight solo, stating that Eden had not been in contact with him throughout the morning.

Eden conveyed her thoughts to PEDESTRIAN.TV that she believes reconciliation with Jayden is unlikely.

“We no longer communicate… I have been quite distraught and deeply saddened by the way things transpired between Jayden and myself,” she shared with the publication.

Eden then recounted how unexpected it was for her.

“It was during one of the evenings he came over for dinner and to spend the night… we dined, and shortly after that he terminated our relationship, just like that,” Eden recollected. “It has truly been a challenging time for me and I was genuinely invested in making things work.”

However, following the conclusion of the show, Eden appeared on The Pulse with Seany B & Emma G, and disclosed that Jayden had concocted the entire Homestay narrative.

She elaborated during the radio broadcast, “I made an error that morning. I didn’t leave to ponder my emotions or anything significant; I took an Uber to the city to fix my nail, such a trivial reason. The traffic was horrendous. It took me over an hour to return home, even though we reside just 15 minutes from the city, causing me to miss the flight.”

“Jayden was fully informed of my whereabouts and the situation. I am puzzled as to why he claimed he had not heard from me because he most definitely had,” she disclosed, mentioning that she had evidence of her communication with Jayden.

“I have concrete evidence of the text exchange with Jayden where I was at the airport simultaneously when they were checking in, and I booked the subsequent flight, informing him ‘I am catching the next flight, which will be two hours after yours’,”

“So at that point when they filmed him boarding [the plane], he was fully aware of my location and activities. I was astounded, why was he behaving in such a manner?”

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