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Everything You Need to Know About Reputation (Taylor’s Version)

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Everything You Need to Know About Reputation (Taylor’s Version)

Which melodies shall grace Taylor Swift’s Reputation (TV) treasury? And which other musicians will grace these melodic gems? Here are the most recent concepts.

Are you all set for it? Reputation (Taylor’s Version) is on the horizon, and a pristine treasure chest is on the verge of being unveiled. However, what lies within? Which tunes will Taylor integrate into her Reputation (TV) treasury?

Impatiently anticipated by fans, Taylor’s long-awaited fifth reworked album is soon to hit the shelves (if the abundant Easter eggs are any indication), and enthusiasts are eager for a significant assortment of melodies From The Vault.

The From The Vault tunes by Taylor have garnered tremendous excitement during her re-recording procedure. With each Taylor’s Version release, Swifties have been indulged with a few fresh tracks that failed to make the original albums. Fearless (TV), Red (TV), and Speak Now (TV) also incorporate partnerships with other artists, yet 1989 (TV) stands alone in terms of featuring only Taylor. Will Reputation (TV) take a similar route? Alternatively, could fans anticipate unexpected appearances?

Similar to 1989, Taylor has remained rather discreet regarding the melodies that didn’t secure a spot on the initial record. Apart from the 15 tunes comprising the album’s lineup, no other tracks have been hinted at by Taylor herself post-release. Reputation doesn’t even possess an exclusive edition. No unauthorized leaks have surfaced online either.

Notwithstanding, there is a plethora of speculation and hearsay circulating regarding its potential contents….

Sitting atop the wish list of melodies fans are craving to unearth from the Rep (TV) repository is ‘This Is What You Came For’.

Launched by Calvin Harris in 2016, this hit featuring Rihanna was collaboratively penned by Taylor. (Who could overlook the Nils Sjöberg pseudonym saga?!) Taylor and Calvin teamed up on this track during their romantic interlude, and her uncredited vocals grace the tune.

Despite Rihanna never performing the tune live, Taylor has showcased it acoustically twice, once on piano (in 2016) and once on guitar (in 2017). In light of her previous renditions, fans are crossing their fingers for a possible appearance on the Eras Tour, though speculation is divided on whether she will record it as a vault track.

Upon confirmation of Taylor’s lyrical input, Calvin took to Twitter to address the chatter: “I contributed the melody, helmed the track, orchestrated it, and laid down the vocals. Initially, she preferred it kept under wraps, thus the sobriquet.” He also directed criticism at Taylor and her camp over this incident.

Taylor’s preliminary demo version found its way online in early 2023, though the possibility of an official studio release remains uncertain.

Enthusiasts are also contemplating whether Taylor will harmonize anew on ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’ alongside Zayn, which they debuted for the Fifth Shades Darker movie’s soundtrack.

Having already serenaded fans with this piece during the Eras Tour as a surprise entry, supporters are anticipating a reunion between her and Zayn to unveil a fresh rendition.

Although she was affiliated with Big Machine Records at the time, the track actually dropped under Republic’s label. It deviates slightly from her “stolen” songs, but now that Taylor is contracted with Republic, a likelihood exists for it to find a spot in Rep (TV) as a bonus vault track.

Loyal Swifties have long speculated on a track called ‘Family’ as an omitted piece from the original album. This tune purportedly got registered with GEMA and was reportedly crafted by Taylor, Max Martin, and Shellback in tandem with Oscar Holter (who also contributed to ‘Dancing with Our Hands Tied’).

The authenticity of this specific piece remains uncertain, yet fans can reasonably presume that Max Martin and Shellback could have co-authored a couple of the Rep (TV) vault tracks.

Following the unexpected revelation that there were no collaborations on the 1989 (TV) unreleased tracks, the Swifties community is divided on whether they anticipate Rep (TV)‘s unreleased tracks to feature guest artists or to be exclusively solo performances.

In the event that the album indeed contains collaborations, several names have emerged within the fandom. Selena Gomez, Sabrina Carpenter, and Lorde are all subjects of speculation, with Nicki Minaj being the most prominently discussed due to certain significant hints.

Shortly before the release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version), fans strongly believed that Nicki Minaj would be featured on one of the unreleased tracks. Prior to the launch, Nicki retweeted a post celebrating her and Taylor’s accomplishments on the charts, teasing: “Feeling inclined to mention Sagittarius vibes right now.”

During the 2023 VMAs, Taylor publicly referred to Nicki as her ‘favorite Sagittarius’ while accepting an accolade. Fans initially speculated a collaboration for 1989 (TV), but the focus has now shifted to Rep (TV). Why the shift? This is because during that specific interaction on stage, Taylor hinted at Rep (TV) through both her speech and her attire that evening.

Stay tuned for more updates!

The original Reputation album enlisted the services of various producers, including Max Martin and Shellback (both contributing to nine out of 15 tracks), as well as Jack Antonoff (who co-produced the remaining six tracks with Taylor).

While Max Martin and Shellback previously collaborated with Taylor on Red and 1989, they have not been prominently involved in the re-records. Shellback returned to produce the tracks he worked on in Red (TV) and ‘Wildest Dreams’ in 1989 (TV), whereas Max Martin has not participated in any of the Taylor’s Version projects. The exact rationale for this absence remains undisclosed, leading to numerous speculations.

It is improbable that Max or Shellback will contribute to any of the Rep (TV) unreleased tracks. If Taylor decides to release a track that was conceived during their collaborative period, they may still be credited as co-writers.

What are your forecasts for the Reputation (Taylor’s Version) unreleased tracks? Whatever surprises Taylor has in store for us this time, we are eagerly anticipating them! Let the anticipation begin!

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