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MAFS Australia Partners Eden And Jayden Rumored To Still Be In Relationship

Image Source: Eden Harper @ Instagram


MAFS Australia Partners Eden And Jayden Rumored To Still Be In Relationship

Jayden and Eden are the couple from Married At First Sight Australia 2024 that has captured the attention – so are they still an item? Or has their romance fizzled out? Here’s what we have gathered.

Married At First Sight Australia 2024 needed to make amends with their pairings, especially after none of the couples from the 2023 season could sustain their marriages.

However, the experts, Alessandra Rampolla, John Aiken, and Mel Schilling, stepped up to the plate with a more diverse cast, introducing us to Jayden Eynaud and Eden Harper – so who are they and are they still a couple?

On the youthful side, Jayden entered the series and immediately won hearts with his cheerful grin and gentle demeanor, after being matched with the lovely Eden Harper.

Married At First Sight duo Jayden and Eden have parted ways, as confirmed by Eden’s Instagram post in mid-April 2024.

The reality star shared a series of photos and videos of her partner from the show alongside a lengthy caption stating, “When I committed to Jayden at the Final Vows, I did so with future plans in mind.”

“Jayden and I spent considerable time together after the experiment, during which Cub gained a father figure and I gained an extended family whom I deeply appreciate.”

“I’m disheartened to announce that toward the end of the show’s run, our relationship took an unforeseen turn. The reality is, the one I chose did not reciprocate.”

“Although I’m dismayed, I do not regret the experiment, the connections I made, the lessons I absorbed, and the personal growth I’ve undergone through this experience.”

“Thank you for your support and for sharing in the same dream of love and happiness that I aspired to achieve.”

Shortly after Eden’s revelation, Jayden took to Instagram and wrote, “Life doesn’t always unfold as we anticipate.”

“Following the show, Eden and I returned to the Gold Coast and continued building our lives together, learning about each other daily.”

“Regrettably, our relationship concluded before the show ended. Despite the somber note, I am grateful to have shared this journey with a remarkable woman and an adorable son. You both will forever have a place in our Gold Coast family.”

Interestingly, a day prior to Eden’s emotional post, the kickboxer shared a photo showing him, his brother, and Eden happily spending time together.

The show concluded its airing in Australia towards the end of March 2024, indicating that the breakup had occurred weeks before Eden’s public announcement.

Despite this, Eden and Jayden were pictured holding hands in Jayden’s post, displaying smiles, suggesting that they had already separated by then, given Eden’s subsequent confirmation.

The breakup came as a surprise to fans, as everything seemed to be going smoothly between the pair both on and off the camera.

They were spottedIn early February, they were seen hand in hand at a gas station on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

An insider disclosed to So Dramatic! Podcast, “I witnessed Jayden and Eden, deeply in love, clasping hands at a gas station… They appeared incredibly adorable and joyful, evidently surpassing the MAFS chaos.”

Furthermore, additional proof suggests that the duo’s relationship is thriving, involving Jayden’s sibling Mitch.

In October of 2023, Mitch shared a series of images on his Instagram featuring himself alongside a charming golden retriever.

Astute followers swiftly recognized the dog as Cub, the retriever belonging to Eden, Jayden’s on-screen spouse, due to its distinctive red collar.

Fans caught on rapidly, inundating the post with comments like, “Doesn’t this reveal that Eden and Jayden are still together!” One fan remarked, while numerous others noted, “That dog belongs to Eden.”

Considering that filming for Married At First Sight commences approximately in July 2023, this post essentially cements that both Jayden and Eden were involved with each other as recently as October of the previous year, extending well beyond the conclusion of filming.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that these two have likely succeeded in making their relationship work, given their remarkable similarities.

Beginning with their geographical proximity, both hail from the Gold Coast and frequently visit the same cafes, stores, and shorelines.

In an interview with Yahoo! Lifestyle,, Jayden mentioned, “We discussed this at our wedding; we frequent the same cafes, order the same dishes, and procure all our muscle meals from the same establishment.”

“Our hangouts are identical, we stroll along the same beach. Virtually everything we do aligns, so it’s perplexing how we hadn’t crossed paths before.”

“In fact, I can reach her home in just three minutes.”

Indeed, the burning question remains – have you visited her residence? Evidently, Jayden and Eden are still united and deeply engrossed in each other’s worlds.

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