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Zendaya Opens Up About The Responsibility Of Providing For Her Family During Childhood

Image Source: Zendaya @ Instagram


Zendaya Opens Up About The Responsibility Of Providing For Her Family During Childhood

From the age of 12, Zendaya embarked on her journey as a young performer in commercials.

Reflecting on her early career as a child star, Zendaya now expresses regret for not having attended traditional schooling.

While Zendaya is predominantly recognized for her roles in Euphoria, Dune, and the Spider-Man films, her rise to fame initially began as a young artist. Starting from commercials to projects like Kidz Bop, Zendaya explored various avenues at a tender age of 12. As she starred in Shake It Up and K.C. Undercover on the Disney Channel, she emerged as one of the leading stars of her generation.

Now, Zendaya discloses her sentiments as an adult regarding her early responsibilities of working and supporting her family.

Zendaya acknowledges that she is now beginning to perceive adulthood in a profound manner. She articulates: “I’m almost experiencing my rebellious teenage phase currently, as I never had the chance to do so earlier. It felt like I was abruptly thrust into a very mature role: I assumed the financial responsibilities for my family at an early age, leading to numerous role-reversals.”

Zendaya further confides that having to mature prematurely was challenging, as she sensed a constant pressure to be flawless and meet everyone’s expectations.

Zendaya admits that her early involvement in the industry makes it arduous for her to fully relish the accomplishments she attains today. She remarks: “Currently, when I encounter such milestones in my career, such as starring in a film premiering at theaters for the first time, I experience a sense of shrinking, hindering my ability to savor all the positive developments around me.”

In conclusion, she states: “I carry a great deal of tension within me, stemming from my childhood experiences, which never afforded me the liberty to experiment. I wish I had the opportunity to pursue education.”

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