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Billie Eilish Releases New Environmentally Friendly Vinyl For Album ‘Hit Me Hard And Soft

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Billie Eilish Releases New Environmentally Friendly Vinyl For Album ‘Hit Me Hard And Soft

The album Hit Me Hard And Soft offers eight unique vinyl versions, all crafted from fully recycled materials, ECO-MIX, and BioVinyl.

Calling all supporters of Billie Eilish! A fresh era has arrived, and Billie Eilish is ensuring that it is her most environmentally conscious period thus far.

On April 8, Billie Eilish revealed that she will release her third studio album, Hit Me Hard And Soft, globally on May 17. Taking to her official Instagram page, Billie expressed: “I’m feeling nervous and excited. Instead of releasing singles, I want to share it all with you at once. Finneas and I are immensely proud of this album and we can’t wait for you to experience it.”

Before the announcement of Hit Me Hard And Soft, Billie voiced her concerns about vinyl production practices. During an interview with Billboard, she remarked: “Some top artists release up to 40 different vinyl editions, each with a unique feature, solely to entice consumers to make additional purchases. It’s incredibly wasteful and frustrating that the focus is still on boosting sales numbers.”

In a statement on her official website, Billie details that all her vinyl variants share the same tracklist and are “manufactured using the most eco-friendly methods currently available”. The standard black variant of Hit Me Hard And Soft is composed of “100% recycled black vinyl”. Conversely, the seven colored options are made from either “ECO-MIX or BioVinyl”.

BioVinyl, for instance, “reduces carbon emissions by 90% compared to new vinyl”. The vinyl variants’ packaging is constructed from “FSC® certified recycled paper/boards sourced entirely from post-consumer waste and recycled pre-consumer fibers.” Additionally, “the ink utilized is plant-based and the varnish is water-based dispersal.”

Furthermore, the statement clarifies: “Instead of shrink-wrapping, the sleeves are entirely recycled and reusable. During shipment, all final products are packaged and sent to distribution centers in shipping boxes made of up to 93% recycled materials and 100% recyclable.”

Hit Me Hard And Soft is available for purchase in black, blue (exclusive to the store), grey (Walmart exclusive), yellow (Target exclusive), green (exclusive to Spotify), sea blue (Indie exclusive), red (exclusive to Amazon), and white (exclusive to Urban Outfitters).

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