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Mckenna Grace Wants To Portray Rapunzel In A Live-Action Tangled Movie

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Mckenna Grace Wants To Portray Rapunzel In A Live-Action Tangled Movie

“After mentioning it, it’s unlikely to transpire. But it remains a cherished aspiration.”

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire performer Mckenna Grace shared her ideal roles during a recent interview with PopBuzz.

The latest installment in the Ghostbusters series sees the Spengler family return to the renowned New York City firehouse where the original Ghostbusters have elevated ghost-capture to new heights.

Upon the accidental awakening of an ancient relic that unleashes a malevolent force, both new and veteran Ghostbusters – including Mckenna’s character Phoebe Spengler – must join forces to defend their home and avert a looming ice age catastrophe.

“I have my two ultimate roles in life. I think most young girls aspire to become a Disney princess. That was my cherished dream as a child.”

Expanding on this, she stated: “Tangled holds a special place in my heart. I’m absolutely enamored by it. I’ve already watched that movie about three times this year.”

Amidst talks of a real-life Tangled adaptation, Mckenna expressed her enthusiasm for the role but remarked, “The mere mention might jinx it. Yet, it remains a cherished dream.”

Her other dream role? A big-screen version of the theatrical production Heathers.

“Heathers is my all-time favorite musical,” disclosed Mckenna. “I always wished for a film adaptation of the musical, akin to what was done with Mean Girls. I thought that would be incredibly cool. Those are like my ultimate dreams.”

Delving into the realm of musicals and music, Mckenna also possesses commendable musical and vocal abilities. It would only be fitting for the actress to explore a role in a music biopic at some point.

In fact, Mckenna has her gaze set on two cultural icons. The first being Britney Spears: “She was the first thing that popped in my head. I adore her.”

Apparently, Britney’s music was the backdrop to countless car rides for Mckenna.

“I used to reside two hours outside LA,” she recounted, “and had to commute to LA daily. I had a Britney Spears Greatest Hits CD playing on repeat during those car rides. For five consecutive years.”

Mckenna entered the world just a week following Taylor Swift’s debut single ‘Tim McGraw’. Could she envision herself portraying Taylor in a biographical film in the future?

“Originally, I thought of Taylor Swift, and…yes! Who wouldn’t want that opportunity? I’m a huge fan of Taylor Swift.”

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