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Rebel Wilson Speaks About Her First Intimate Encounter At The Age Of 35

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Rebel Wilson Speaks About Her First Intimate Encounter At The Age Of 35

“You might find it surprising upon reading this, but indeed, it was you that I shared that moment with.”

Following her revelation about her first intimate encounter at the age of 35, Rebel Wilson has now unveiled the identity of the actor she shared it with – apparently, he was oblivious to this fact.

During the past week, Rebel, known for her role in Pitch Perfect, has been actively promoting her new autobiography, Rebel Rising, and it seems that she has been extremely honest in its contents. From stating that Adele has a dislike towards her, to dedicating the book to a ‘jerk’ in the industry she collaborated with (later confirmed to be Sacha Baron Cohen, in case you were curious), Rebel is not holding back.

In a fresh excerpt, Rebel, now 44, delves into describing herself as a ‘late bloomer’ and elaborates on her previous romantic involvements.

She later affirmed in an interview with the New York Times that “he had the privilege of being the initial reader of [the book]”, hence, he was aware before its publication.

Expanding on the reasons for waiting so long before experiencing intimacy with another individual, Rebel expressed: “Being a plus-sized individual, I felt that true sexual appeal was never within reach for me.”

She further conveyed that her decision to engage in sex was influenced by her mother’s battle with breast cancer, stating: “I couldn’t imagine a life devoid of the experience of love and physical connection. I signalled to the cosmos that I was finally prepared. I was determined to confront my fears and take the plunge.”

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