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Singer Billie Eilish Reveals Insights About Tourette’s Disorder


Singer Billie Eilish Reveals Insights About Tourette’s Disorder

Among the top artists in the entertainment industry today, Billie Eilish is recognized for her unique character and straightforward attitude. She takes her profession very seriously, not only because of her passion for music and her supporters but also because it provides her with a sense of stability in her life.

During a recent appearance on David Letterman’s show, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction”, which is available on Netflix, Eilish discussed her experience of living with Tourette’s disorder, a brain condition she was diagnosed with at the age of 11. Tourette’s disorder is distinguished by causing atypical verbal and physical movements in those affected, which may seem peculiar and unforeseen to an outsider.

“People usually laugh when they witness my symptoms as they perceive it as a way to entertain,” Eilish shared about encountering her tics in public. “Such reactions leave me feeling quite offended.”

Although her Tourette’s symptoms are not as overwhelming as they were in her childhood, they still play a role in Eilish’s daily life. “These manifestations go unnoticed during a regular conversation,” Eilish remarked. “However, for me, they are quite draining.”

The sole time when Eilish appears to be free from her tics is when she is on stage performing. “When I’m in motion, there are no tics at all,” she revealed.

Eilish expressed her satisfaction in openly discussing the challenges of living with Tourette’s as she finds it “intriguing.” She also acknowledged knowing other musicians coping with Tourette’s disorder, although she refrained from disclosing their identities. She emphasized her decision to “respect their privacy since they prefer not to address the issue publicly.”

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