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Josh Peck Opens Up About Drake Bell In The Midst Of Nickelodeon Accusations

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Josh Peck Opens Up About Drake Bell In The Midst Of Nickelodeon Accusations

Josh Peck faced criticism for a video he shared on TikTok after the release of Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV.

Following the backlash for his delayed response to the allegations in the Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV documentary, Josh Peck has now issued a statement.

A new four-part documentary shedding light on the darker aspects of Nickelodeon premiered on ID last Sunday (Mar 17). The series features testimonials from individuals associated with Nickelodeon shows such as iCarly, Victorious, and The Amanda Show, revealing accounts of abuse, sexism, racism, and inappropriate conduct.

Within the documentary, Drake Bell, known for his role in Drake & Josh, came forward as the underage victim in the 2004 sexual assault case involving former Nickelodeon dialogue coach Brian Peck. Since Drake’s disclosure, Josh Peck, Drake’s former co-star, has been under fire for not addressing the revelations in Quiet on Set.

Taking to Instagram, Josh stated: “After watching the Quiet On Set documentary and allowing myself time to process it, I made contact with Drake privately. Nonetheless, I wish to extend my support to the survivors who bravely shared their stories of emotional and physical mistreatment on Nickelodeon sets with the public.”

He further expressed: “It is imperative to safeguard children. Sharing these experiences publicly is immensely tough, but I hope it aids in the healing process for the victims and their families, while prompting essential transformations within our industry.”

Shortly after the premiere of Quiet on Set, Josh shared a TikTok clip where he mimed to a popular soundbite stating: “If I haven’t spoken to you since 2023, consider that a clear indication that you are no longer relevant to me.” This led to accusations against Josh of insensitivity and raised questions about the timing of his post.

However, Drake defended Josh in a separate TikTok video, mentioning: “[Josh] reached out to have a conversation with me, providing valuable support through this challenging period. So, I just want to inform you all about this and urge you to be a bit lenient on him.”

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