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The Clothes John Cena Came Wore ‘Nude’ In The Oscars 2024

Image Source: Sam Aronov / Shutterstock


The Clothes John Cena Came Wore ‘Nude’ In The Oscars 2024

John was visually “nude” during the presentation of the Best Costume Design award, but a behind-the-scenes photograph has now unveiled his genuine attire on-stage.

If you’ve been pondering whether John Cena was genuinely unclothed on the Oscars stage, the answer is here.

Last evening (11th Mar), the 96th Academy Awards were held in Los Angeles, featuring prominent figures like Emma Stone, Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., and Da’Vine Joy Randolph all taking home their golden trophies. Hosting the event was Jimmy Kimmel, who was joined on-stage by various actors to present the awards.

John Cena was one of the presenters, making an exceptionally daring and “nude” appearance to announce the winner of the Best Costume Design category.

In a backstage image, John can be seen sporting a modesty cloth, a garment used by actors when filming nude scenes that don’t require full exposure.

His attire consisted of a covering that wrapped around his lower body, completely shielding his front and back, ensuring no accidental exposure to the live audience or viewers at home.

The fabric strip, resembling a loincloth, matched his skin tone closely and was securely attached to his body.

The apparent nude act was actually a nod to the notorious streaker who disrupted the 46th Academy Awards in 1974.

Half a century ago, a man named Robert Opel managed to infiltrate the event, posing as a journalist, and streaked across the stage while actor David Niven was introducing Elizabeth Taylor.

During the segment, Jimmy rhetorically asks the audience, “Can you picture a nude individual dashing across the stage today?” John then makes his “nude” entrance, holding the Best Costume Design envelope, carefully walking across the stage to reveal the winner.

Post the nominee announcements, John reappears on screen draped in a curtain, a moment captured by the audience. Witness the occurrence in the footage below.

And thus, the truth is unveiled! John Cena was not entirely unclothed at the Oscars!

This enlightens you on modesty garments and offers a glimpse into how actors execute their “nude” scenes in movies and TV productions.

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