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Grey’s Anatomy Has Been Approved For Season 21

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Grey’s Anatomy Has Been Approved For Season 21

Season 21 will synchronize with Grey’s Anatomy’s 20th commemoration.

It is confirmed – Grey’s Anatomy has been sanctioned for the 21st season (!), extending its lead as the lengthiest running US medical drama, and the lengthiest running primetime series in ABC history.

With this renewal, season 21 will be broadcasted during the show’s 20th anniversary in March 2025. No particulars have been shared as of yet regarding the plans of the writers for that milestone anniversary but fans will undoubtedly encounter some quite remarkable surprises.

As per Deadline, season 21 will comprise of 18 episodes. The strike-impacted season 20 will finish with 10 episodes, making it the shortest season since the commencement of the show in 2005. (Season 1 includes 9 episodes.)

In another statement, given to The Hollywood Reporter, Shonda stated: “The allegiance and adoration of Grey’s Anatomy fans has driven us into an unprecedented 21st season, and I am extremely thankful. [Showrunner] Meg Marinis’ storytelling is a boon that continues to maintain the show vivid, engaging, and alive, and I am eager to see what she has planned for the next season.”

In early 2023, Ellen Pompeo officially concluded her role as a series regular and the lead of the show, and Meredith relocated from Seattle to Boston with her offspring. (She occasionally appears, delivers the iconic voiceovers that commence and wrap up the episodes, and remains an executive producer.)

The prompt renewal is an evident affirmation of the show’s enduring power and popularity, even in the absence of Meredith and Ellen at the forefront. A couple of decades later, Grey’s still entices numerous fresh viewers due to streaming services and viral clips on TikTok.

Per various reports, the contracts for nearly all of the show’s main actors are up for renegotiation towards the conclusion of the 20th season, hence it is uncertain who will make a comeback for season 21 at this juncture.

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