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There’s Nothing Quite Like Top-Notch Entertainment


There’s Nothing Quite Like Top-Notch Entertainment

One of the major benefits of the widespread availability of streaming services nowadays is the convenience it offers. In the era of the mid-2000s, accessing shows on your own terms was a challenging task. You had to possess advanced search skills just to locate a video, with the added downside of poor video quality.

Locating cartoons and anime was slightly easier, presumably because enthusiasts in those genres were more technologically adept. However, dedicated platforms for such content were non-existent back then. To watch a single episode of an ongoing anime series, you had to patiently wait for someone to subtitle it, often resulting in the video being split into multiple parts and strewn across obscure video platforms.

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The scenario was even more challenging for live-action content. Trying to access anything currently airing on US television was a futile endeavor. Want to watch a sitcom? You had to tune in precisely at 5 PM on channel 10 or risk missing out completely. The rigidity of airing schedules on basic cable is a aspect I do not long for.

Despite the valid criticisms about the oversaturation of streaming options today, one can’t deny the appeal of having an extensive library of content to enjoy at your convenience. Personally, I appreciate the ability to endure commercials on platforms like Hulu because I can pause the show, attend to personal matters like bathroom breaks, and resume without missing a beat. I distinctly remember the frantic rush during ad breaks, a bygone inconvenience.

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