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Jeffrey Iqbal: A Music Video You Shouldn’t Miss


Jeffrey Iqbal: A Music Video You Shouldn’t Miss

One thing that always brings a smile to my face is the sight of a musician in a dimly-lit space playing a keyboard. It’s truly heartening to witness numerous individuals creating music in such a manner, a trend that persisted on YouTube throughout the 2000s. The combination of soft melodies and gentle lighting never fails to captivate, and in today’s world, such elements are greatly needed.

Amidst the current situation where most people are confined to their homes, some musicians have taken it upon themselves to share snippets of music from their abodes, aiming to uplift spirits. While these small doses of encouragement are indeed valuable, certain artists have gone the extra mile in providing their fans with a ray of hope. Jeffrey Iqbal, a talented artist with dual American and Bollywood roots, is one such individual.

Credit: Jeffrey Iqbal via YouTube

In an endeavor to comfort those grappling with cabin fever, Jeffrey Iqbal has been conducting regular sessions he refers to as “QRL,” short for “Quarantine Request Live.” In these sessions, he accepts song requests, both his own compositions and from other sources, and pours his heart into soulful renditions. Iqbal diligently uploads these videos on his YouTube channel and intends to continue this practice in the foreseeable future.

As a wise cartoon blue jay once said, music may be intangible, but its impact can be profound. Even if the lyrics of Iqbal’s songs aren’t fully understood, the underlying message shines brightly: love still exists in the world, and life remains a precious gift. Additionally, his welcoming living room adds to the charm. It’s not opulently extravagant like those of some celebrities, rather a cozy space where one could envision themselves unwinding and enjoying a laid-back groove.

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