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Soothing the Spirit with the Melodies of Jeffrey Iqbal


Soothing the Spirit with the Melodies of Jeffrey Iqbal

One of the delightful pastimes I enjoy during pleasant weather is relaxing on the balcony. I take off my shoes and socks, recline in a garden chair, and indulge in some comforting melodies (being considerate by using headphones to avoid disturbing my neighbors). This activity is commonly referred to as “vibing” by the younger generation. Certainly, not every genre of music is suitable for vibing; for instance, I don’t think one could vibe to genres like death metal. While I appreciate a dose of heavier music occasionally, it tends to evoke more of a “headbanging and air-drumming” response than a “sit back and unwind” vibe. The ideal music for vibing is characterized by a lo-fi essence, a touch of techno, and a profound emotional connection. Let the music convey passion so that you can simply sink into its embrace.

Credit: Jeffrey Iqbal

If you seek exceptionally soothing vibes through music, I recommend exploring the musical creations of Jeffrey Iqbal. This artist seamlessly combines the essence of Western pop with the soulful tunes of Bollywood. The fusion of heartfelt Bollywood vocals with the upbeat rhythms of modern pop music creates an exquisite vibing experience. In his rendition that merges Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” with AR Rahman’s “Tere Bina”, Jeffrey performs exactly as I envisioned – under the open sky, barefoot, on a sunny day. If that doesn’t epitomize perfect vibing music, it’s challenging to fathom an alternative.

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