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Music Calms a Distressed World


Music Calms a Distressed World

Have you ever encountered one of those individuals you didn’t particularly favor in your younger years? Not necessarily someone openly hostile towards you, just a person you didn’t quite bond with for various reasons? I believe everyone has experienced such a relationship, including myself. However, do you know what transformed those associations? Music. Yes, indeed. I had an acquaintance I didn’t quite connect with, but the discovery of our mutual appreciation for the same genre of music drastically improved our rapport. Music possesses this unique quality; it can establish common ground between individuals with contrasting perspectives. It truly serves as the universal language. Ever wondered why researchers continually attempt to communicate with extraterrestrial beings using musical instruments? Well, it might only happen in movies, but the idea is still valid.

One individual who comprehends the unifying influence of music is the melodious artist Jeffrey Iqbal. His journey in the music industry is already exceptional, being a Bollywood singer born in the USA. Yet, his impact extends beyond borders. Through his personal campaign hashtag #UnityThruMusic, Iqbal brought together a diverse team of 13 singers from 4 different nations, all harmonizing in song.

Logically, only the most similar individuals worldwide should be capable of achieving vocal harmony, but upon hearing these 13 outstanding performers sing together, you’d almost perceive them as a family. In unison, their voices create a melody akin to the stuff dreams are made of. Personally, I believe that the harmony in music is a dream worth cherishing.

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