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Sheena Melwani’s Music Is Enchanting


Sheena Melwani’s Music Is Enchanting

During my childhood, my father would frequently entertain us with the piano. Often, he would casually improvise on the keys, but on occasions when my sister or I were feeling low, he would lead us to the living room, seat us down, and perform Billy Joel’s “Lullabye.” That experience always brought about a delightful sensation, and even now, when I listen to that song, I experience a mysterious lightness. Without any exaggeration, I believe that music stands as one of humanity’s most remarkable creations. Captivating, emotional melodies have the power to comfort a troubled soul, even during the darkest moments.

An artist has stepped forward to provide these calming rhythms to those in need during the uncertain era of the pandemic. Sheena Melwani is a media creator renowned for her adept piano compositions and melodious singing. With over a decade in the industry, she harnesses modern musical techniques to share uplifting tunes for the betterment of society. You might have encountered her on SheenaTV, her live broadcast where she alternates between performing songs and engaging in insightful conversations.

Credit: Sheena Melwani

Since the onset of the pandemic, Sheena has dedicated herself to bringing a ray of hope to all within her reach. In pursuit of this goal, she accepts song suggestions twice weekly, sharing them as videos on her Facebook page. Furthermore, she uploads snippets of her favorite pieces on her Instagram, along with compilations of past requests. Therefore, if you find yourself in a place of darkness due to current events, remember that music can still infuse a bit of joy into your day, and Sheena is there to offer it whenever you require. Explore more about her musical endeavors on her website.

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