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Jeffrey Iqbal: The Influence Of Music


Jeffrey Iqbal: The Influence Of Music

Isn’t it amazing how a musician in a softly illuminated room playing a keyboard can always bring a smile to my face? Truly, there were numerous individuals creating music in such a manner on YouTube throughout the 2000s. If there’s a tested and successful combination, it is the harmonious melodies paired with gentle lighting. In the current world, more of these elements would undoubtedly be beneficial.

With everyone confined to their homes, several artists have chosen to share small musical snippets from their residences to uplift spirits. While a bit of encouragement is always welcomed, some musicians have gone the extra mile to offer their fans a sense of hope. One such talented artist is the USA/Bollywood multi-talent, Jeffrey Iqbal.

Credit: Jeffrey Iqbal via YouTube

In an attempt to bring solace to those feeling the effects of cabin fever, Jeffrey Iqbal has been hosting a regular segment called “QRL,” meaning “Quarantine Request Live,” where he accepts song requests, both his own and from other artists, and performs passionately. Iqbal uploads all these videos to his YouTube channel and intends to continue sharing them in the foreseeable future.

As a certain animated blue jay once said, you may not be able to physically grasp music, but its impact on you can be profound. Even if the lyrics of Iqbal’s songs are not completely comprehensible, the underlying message is crystal clear: love still exists in the world, and life remains worthy of being celebrated. Moreover, his living room is pleasantly impressive. It’s not overly extravagant like some celebrities, just a cozy living space where you could picture yourself unwinding. It’s the ideal spot for a relaxed groove.

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