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Could an Ocean Observatory Work? | The Daily Shake


Could an Ocean Observatory Work? | The Daily Shake

Now, pardon my unconventional thinking, but I’m inclined to believe that the primary function of a scope is to gaze skyward, am I correct? I imply upwards in relation to your position on this planet, naturally. Yes, the usual objective of a scope is to scrutinize distant entities like stars and planets. Nevertheless, in theory, a scope could potentially be utilized to scrutinize a nearby minuscule object. “Such as what,” you inquire? How about a neutrino particle?

Neutrino particles are these tiny entities that dash around the cosmos seemingly without direction. Due to not adhering to the same principles as physical matter, they can effortlessly pass through anything akin to a specter. It’s owing to this logic, along with the fact that they are affected by radiation, that they prove exceedingly elusive to pinpoint. This is where KM3NeT enters the stage.

Credit: KM3NeT

KM3NeT, also known as the Cubic Kilometre Neutrino Observatory, is an array of detectors presently under construction on the seabed, with its aim focused on scanning the Earth’s mantle for traces of neutrinos. The Earth is sizably extensive in comparison, so if we wish to capture a passing neutrino without the interference of background radiation, the seabed serves as an excellent locale to position a lookout.

Regrettably, there is no definitive completion date for KM3NeT, nevertheless, testing is concurrently transpiring during the construction phase, thus once it is finalized, the authentic exploration can commence promptly. Or shall we say, commence swimmingly.

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