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Ariana Grande Elucidates Her ‘Fresh Voice’ Amidst Discussions About Her Presence At The Oscars

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Ariana Grande Elucidates Her ‘Fresh Voice’ Amidst Discussions About Her Presence At The Oscars

“I had to dissect every aspect of myself to demonstrate my capability of embodying this alternate persona.”

There’s a notable change in Ariana Grande, and it’s not just her striking ‘Glinda’ blonde hair. Ariana’s speaking tone has become a significant point of interest lately, with remarks escalating after her appearance at the Oscars.

At the Oscars, Ariana co-presented the Best Original Song category with her Wicked colleague, Cynthia Erivo, sparking questions from viewers about her apparent ‘new voice’.

Since her involvement with Wicked, Ariana’s voice has displayed a noticeable transformation. Although she hasn’t directly confronted the comments, she did shed light on how preparing for her role as Glinda has impacted her real-life persona.

“I’ve never desired anything as intensely as this,” she expressed. “I utilized that motivation to engage in daily training sessions while working on The Voice and preparing for these auditions,” she disclosed.

“I committed each day to sessions with Nancy [Banks] and Eric [Vetro] to refine my voice, even altering my singing style. I had to deconstruct every part of myself to demonstrate my ability to assume this alternate identity.”

She elaborated: “I essentially had to erase the ‘popstar Ari’, the persona that’s so familiar to them because it’s challenging to convince others of someone else’s portrayal when you’re predominantly recognized for one identity. Therefore, I truly had to strip away all those layers.”

In the comprehensive Zach Sang interview, Ariana’s authentic voice shines through as she elaborates on her upcoming album and projects.

Fans have also observed variances in Ariana’s musical performances. Her recent SNL performance (Mar 9) showcased an enhancement in her “popstar singing voice” attributed to her Wicked training. (Not that it wasn’t already remarkable!)

In a post praising her exceptional rendition of ‘Imperfect For You’, a fan commented: She’s articulating these words so clearly. Thank you @wickedmovie”

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