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Rumours Hint At The Closing Of Amazon Freevee

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Rumours Hint At The Closing Of Amazon Freevee

There is a possibility of Freevee continuing its services. Despite rumors about the closure of Freevee, Amazon has come forward to reject a recent AdWeek article claiming that the corporation intends to shut down the complimentary, ad-funded service in the near future.

Amazon has refuted the report as inaccurate, stating through a representative via email to Primetimer, “There have been no alterations to Freevee. Amazon Freevee persists as a critical streaming selection that offers numerous popular movies, series, and Originals to both Prime and non-Prime consumers at no charge.”

AdWeek recently mentioned that this decision is part of Amazon’s strategy to allot more resources to Prime Video, which recently unveiled its personal ad-supported segment (resulting in displeasure among creatives and customers). According to a source closely linked to the issue cited in the publication, “If the query lies in the continuation of two independent streaming services by Amazon, I am confident that the response is negative.”

Despite Amazon refuting the shutdown rumors, the future of Freevee in the long term remains uncertain. Although the service, which was rebranded from IMDb TV in 2022, has always been marketed as an alternative option for viewers without Prime subscriptions, certain titles are available on both platforms, leading to confusion regarding Freevee’s content. As highlighted by AdWeek, Freevee solely derives income from advertisements, in contrast to Prime Video’s ad-backed division, which also earns profits by enticing Prime Video subscribers to upgrade — where users can pay an extra $3 per month for an ad-free experience — all while displaying ads.

As stated on TVLine, various shows initially designated as Freevee originals, such as American Rust and Leverage: Redemption, have been relocated to Prime Video before their anticipated comebacks. (Freevee picked up American Rust following its cancellation by Showtime after one season, while Leverage: Redemption aired its initial two seasons on Freevee before transitioning to Prime Video for Season 3.)

Such actions further reinforce the perception that Amazon is gradually diminishing the importance of Freevee as it strengthens its investment in the ad-supported division of Prime Video. Business-wise, this approach might be sensible, but artistically, it arrives as a letdown: Since its rebranding, Freevee has consistently produced captivating and groundbreaking Originals, from the adolescent drama High School to last year’s hits, Jury Duty and Primo, both of which claimed spots on our list of the Top 10 TV Shows of 2023. For now, viewers can find solace in the fact that shows like these are here to stay — notwithstanding the uncertain renewal status of Primo for Season 2 — however, the evolving streaming landscape reminds us that nothing can be assured.

Claire Spellberg Lustig, the Senior Editor at Primetimer and a connoisseur of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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