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Zayn Malik Unveils Amusing Motivation Behind His Music Career

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Zayn Malik Unveils Amusing Motivation Behind His Music Career

In the lead-up to his London premiere, Zayn Malik disclosed on The Kelly Clarkson Show the comedic cause for his entry into music, and the revelation is beyond price.

Zayn is on the verge of unwrapping his forthcoming studio compilation, ‘Room Under The Stairs,’ and his promotional spree is pure joy to behold.

Since 2010, numerous fans have tracked Zayn’s journey from the inception of One Direction. Yet, despite 14 years later, we’re still uncovering fresh tidbits about the ‘What I Am’ crooner.

During his conversation on The Kelly Clarkson Show in the United States, Zayn unveiled that his serious commitment to singing began around the age of 15/16, although his vocal pursuits started much earlier.

“My goal was to spend additional moments with them, which led us to socialize in the choir,” he said. Kelly humorously added, “Well, I hope they’re tuning in right now, behold the impact you’ve made, ladies.”

Truthfully, those triplets, without doubt, deserve accolades for their contribution to our culture. We are spared the thought of a world sans Zayn’s vocals, all thanks to those siblings.

Presently, at 31, with 23 years gone by, Zayn evolves into an innovative musical realm with his fourth album, as he evolves from pop anthems like ‘PILLOWTALK’ to the soulful depths where tracks like ‘Alienated’ emerge.

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