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Zac Efron Shares His Spontaneous ‘Bet On It’ Act In High School Musical 2

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Zac Efron Shares His Spontaneous ‘Bet On It’ Act In High School Musical 2

“That was all improv and we shot it, I think the whole song, in three hours.”

Essential High School Musical chronicles just unfolded courtesy of the one and only Troy Bolton, Zac Efron.

As we are fully aware, the High School Musical series has graced us with some undeniably, undeniably remarkable tunes. From the unforgettable ‘We’re All In This Together’ and Sharpay’s ‘Fabulous’, all the way down to High School Musical 3‘s ‘The Boys are Back’ and ‘I Want It All’, there’s an abundance of catchy tracks in each of those movies.

But the most supreme of them all? Troy’s ‘Bet On It’. (And if you dissent, debate with the barrier!!)

During a promotional interview with Netflix for their new film A Family Affair, Zac conversed with Joey King to respond to some inquiries. Naturally, it wasn’t long before High School Musical got brought up as Joey disclosed that she used to possess a piece of HSM merchandise featuring Troy Bolton crooning ‘Breaking Free’.

Upon Zac confessing that he still croons those melodies in the shower, Joey burst into a rendition of ‘Bet On It’. This action then led Zac to disclose that the iconic dance sequence was performed without any premeditated choreography.

“I believed I revolutionized that dance move, for your information,” Zac stated after Joey executed Troy’s body roll. “You see, when we filmed that, we were completely devoid of ideas for the day.”

“The director, he simply said, ‘Mate, we lack a concept for this song, what do you propose?’ Zac elaborated. “And I responded, ‘I’m clueless, we’re situated on a golf course…'”

He appended: “That was all spur-of-the-moment and we filmed it, I reckon the entire song, within three hours.”

Major applause for Zac Efron please! Deserving of an Academy award!

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