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YouTube Co-Founder Expresses Disapproval of Removal of Dislikes


YouTube Co-Founder Expresses Disapproval of Removal of Dislikes

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Announced last week, the video-sharing platform YouTube made a significant alteration to how the social features of their videos operate. Moving forward, the count of dislikes on videos will be concealed entirely, while the count of likes will remain visible. Although users can still dislike videos, they will not be able to view the exact number of dislikes. This decision has sparked widespread disapproval from YouTube’s user community, as it will complicate the distinction between high-quality and poor-quality content, potentially allowing subpar content to infiltrate users’ recommended feeds. Some individuals have also accused YouTube of prioritizing commercial interests over user satisfaction since commercialized videos often attract a large number of dislikes.

Jawed Karim, one of YouTube’s original co-founders, recently shared his own reflections and frustrations on the subject. In a description accompanying the first YouTube video – a channel he frequently uses for voicing opinions – Karim questioned the rationale behind YouTube’s universally unpopular decision. “Why has YouTube implemented this change that is universally disliked? The reason exists, but it is neither justifiable nor will it be disclosed publicly,” remarked Karim. “Being able to swiftly and easily pinpoint inferior content is a crucial aspect of a platform driven by user-generated content. Why? Because not all user-created content is commendable.”

“Being able to promptly and effortlessly identify substandard content is a fundamental characteristic of a user-generated content platform,” Karim emphasized. “Why? Because not all user-generated content is exceptional. And that’s perfectly acceptable. […] The system functions effectively, and it is referred to as the ‘wisdom of the crowds.’ The system falters when the platform intervenes in it. Consequently, the platform’s quality inevitably diminishes. Does YouTube aspire to transform into a realm where mediocrity reigns supreme?”

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