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Word Puzzle Aids Woman in Rescuing Abducted Mother


Word Puzzle Aids Woman in Rescuing Abducted Mother

Credit: Unsplash

A language game named Wordle has swiftly emerged as the latest trend of the season, with its uncomplicated five-letter guessing format offering an enjoyable pastime for companions and relatives to partake in, even if they are separated geographically. Wordle has become a popular means for distanced or solitary family members to sustain communication with one another, a method that proved to be indispensable for Denyse Holt and her daughter in Illinois.

Holt, a woman in her eighties, regularly shares Wordle updates with her eldest offspring, Meredith Holt-Caldwell. This is why, when Holt-Caldwell did not receive her mother’s update on Monday, along with several unanswered texts, she sensed that something was amiss. It was subsequently revealed that Holt had been assaulted by an unclothed intruder inside her residence, who confined her in the basement for around 17 hours and disabled the household phones.

Upon receiving word from Holt-Caldwell that her mother was unresponsive, law enforcement swiftly responded, leading to the immediate apprehension of the intruder and the safe extraction of Holt, who was visibly shaken but physically unharmed.

The intruder, identified as 32-year-old James H. Davis III, now faces charges for breaking into a residence with a deadly weapon, violently assaulting a law enforcement officer, and forcefully abducting with a deadly weapon.

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