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Woman in Texas Tries to Purchase a Child from another Parent at Walmart


Woman in Texas Tries to Purchase a Child from another Parent at Walmart

Photo by: Unsplash

Given Walmart’s status as one of the biggest retail chains in the nation, one might expect to find almost anything there at a decent price. However, the assumption generally revolves around consumer products like groceries or household items. If you happen to have the notion of procuring an actual child at Walmart, well, that’s bound to lead you straight to disappointment – and possibly handcuffs.

Recently, an unidentified woman was at a Walmart store in Texas with her young son. According to a statement obtained from local authorities, while she was at the self-service checkout, another woman, identified as 49-year-old resident Rebecca Lanette Taylor from Crockett, approached her and admired the child’s features. This admiration quickly turned into an unsettling proposal when Taylor inquired about purchasing the child from his mother. Understandably, the mother initially brushed it off as a joke, but Taylor persisted, claiming to have $250,000 in her vehicle to pay for the child.

The mother firmly declined the offer, stating that her son was not for sale, and tried to leave the store. However, Taylor persisted, insisting that the mother should consider selling her child. The affidavit mentioned that Taylor began yelling at the mother, proclaiming that she would offer $500,000 if the original amount was not accepted because she was determined to acquire the child.

After locking herself and her son inside the car until Taylor left, the mother contacted the authorities. A warrant was issued for Taylor’s arrest, and she was apprehended shortly thereafter. Taylor is currently in custody at Houston County Jail on a $50,000 bond for the attempted purchase of a child, classified as a third-degree felony.

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