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Windows 11 to Debut on October 5


Windows 11 to Debut on October 5

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Upon the formal declaration of Microsoft’s forthcoming operating system, Windows 11, there was speculation that it might be launched in December, coinciding with the festive season, or in November to coincide with the 11.11 date. Interestingly, Microsoft, while recognizing the branding potential in these options, has opted for a different approach by expediting the release process.

In an announcement made today, Microsoft has revealed that Windows 11 will be commercially available on October 5, 2021. Similar to the previous assertive upgrade to Windows 10, the transition to Windows 11 will be free of charge for all interested users. Furthermore, new PCs will come equipped with Windows 11 instead of Windows 10. The upgrade will be gradually rolled out, initially targeting newer devices and gradually expanding to other devices in the market over the ensuing weeks and months.

“Building on the valuable insights gained from Windows 10, our aim is to deliver the most optimal user experience,” mentioned Aaron Woodman, Windows marketing general manager at Microsoft, in the company’s official blog post. “We anticipate that all eligible devices will receive the free Windows 11 upgrade by mid-2022.”

Existing Windows 10 users can utilize the Windows Update application to verify their computer’s compatibility with Windows 11 upon its launch. Alternatively, you can opt to download the new PC Health Check application for a more comprehensive assessment of your computer’s capabilities. For those hesitant about transitioning to Windows 11 (and considering the woes of a faulty Windows update, this is understandable), Microsoft has assured continued support for Windows 10 until at least 2025.

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