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Whale Leaps onto Vessel Off Massachusetts Shore


Whale Leaps onto Vessel Off Massachusetts Shore

During Sunday morning, a variety of fishing vessels were adrift along the coastline of White Horse Beach in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Reports had indicated the presence of a school of bait fish in the vicinity, enticing many amateur fishers to venture out into the sea for some early morning fishing. However, alongside the fishermen, the bait fish also lured a larger marine creature.

In a video recorded by one of the fishing boats, a humpback whale was observed suddenly propelling itself out of the water, landing directly on the bow of a boat before rebounding and plunging back into the sea. The boat bobbed on the waves for a brief moment but managed to stabilize itself.

“It was mind-blowing,” recounted Plymouth local Ryder Parkhurst to NBC Boston. “The individual was simply unlucky in that moment, nothing more. Emerges, wham … right on the bow of the individual’s boat.”

“I watched the boat soar through the air, it was astonishing,” Parkhurst described. “It was chaotic. I couldn’t believe the vessel was still afloat.”

Local harbor authorities reached out to the boat upon which the whale landed, confirming that its occupants were unharmed and the vessel had not suffered any significant damage. Currently, it is uncertain whether the whale sustained any injuries during this event.

The Plymouth Harbormaster Department has issued a caution to all boaters to maintain a safe distance from whale groups to prevent such incidents from occurring. “This interaction, though uncommon, serves as a reminder that these encounters can pose risks for both boaters and whales,” they cautioned.

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