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Well-known YouTuber Ruby Franke Arrested on Charges of Child Mistreatment


Well-known YouTuber Ruby Franke Arrested on Charges of Child Mistreatment

Arrest of YouTube Content Creator Sheds Light on Disturbing Allegations of Child Abuse

Ruby Franke, a popular social media personality and former founder of the family YouTube channel “8 Passengers,” has been taken into custody in Utah on charges related to child abuse. The arrest comes after the discovery of an undernourished minor with wounds and duct tape on their limbs, bringing significant attention to the case.

Franke’s collaborator in business, Jodi Hildebrandt, is also facing similar charges of child abuse and was arrested alongside Franke. The two often worked together on videos providing advice about relationships and parenting for Hildebrandt’s counseling service, ConneXions. This service has been criticized in the past for its teachings on parenting, which some have perceived as valuing “principles of truth” over the welfare of children.

The incident came to light when a child fled from Hildebrandt’s home, seeking assistance from a neighbor for food and water. The concerned neighbor observed duct tape on the child’s wrists and ankles and immediately notified the authorities. The condition of the child was deemed severe, resulting in immediate medical attention and hospitalization.

Further investigations revealed the presence of another malnourished child in the same residence, showing similar physical signs. Police discovered evidence consistent with the markings found on the first child.

The Department of Child and Family Services was alerted, and in collaboration with the Springville Police Department, the care of four minor children was handed over to the Department of Child and Family Services.

Ruby Franke and Jodi Hildebrandt remain in custody, facing charges of aggravated child abuse. The legal proceedings are being overseen by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Ruby Franke’s YouTube channel, “8 Passengers,” has gained significant attention and viewership in the past. However, it has faced criticism for her parenting methods, including a video where she refused to provide lunch to her 6-year-old daughter as a means of teaching a lesson.

The Franke family has previously made headlines due to their online presence, and this recent incident has once again brought attention to their activities.


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