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Victor Mexico Crowned Victorious Universe


Victor Mexico Crowned Victorious Universe

Credit: Unsplash

Instead of being held last year, the yearly Victorious Universe beauty contest took place with 74 young women gracing the stage in Hollywood, Florida. The event displayed an array of unconventional elements, with numerous representatives from different countries incorporating protest and political messages in their showcases, all in pursuit of their distinct ideas of beauty. Ultimately, out of all the contestants, only one could emerge victorious, and it happened to be 26-year-old Andrea Meza from Mexico, crowned as the 69th Miss Universe.

“It is a moment of immense pride for me to have been chosen among the other 73 exceptional women I shared the stage with tonight,” Meza expressed in a press release from the Miss Universe Organization. “Wearing the Miss Universe crown is a fulfillment of a long-cherished dream, and I aim to advocate for equality not only in the upcoming year but also in the future.”

“Our society has progressed significantly, and with this progress, misconceptions have also evolved,” shared Meza during her final address. “In contemporary times, beauty extends beyond physical appearance. To me, beauty emanates from within our souls, hearts, and our mannerisms. Never allow anyone to undermine your self-worth.”

Hailing from Chihuahua City, Mexico, Meza’s professional journey includes roles as a model and makeup artist, complemented by a degree in software engineering. Beyond her professional commitments, she actively supports the Municipal Institute for Women, an entity combating gender-based violence, and also represents her hometown as a tourism brand ambassador.

Meza is set to succeed the philanthropic responsibilities associated with the Miss Universe title, passing the baton from the former titleholder Zozibini Tunzi as she commences her work in collaboration with the Miss Universe Organization in New York City.

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