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Users Are Unimpressed with the Revealed Windows 11


Users Are Unimpressed with the Revealed Windows 11

Credit: Unsplash

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that every fresh version of the Windows operating system is usually met with some degree of resistance. The revamp that was the Windows 10 update showed us that this resistance can be quite strong. However, even though there was reluctance, we eventually embraced Windows 10, and while it’s far from flawless, it still holds some semblance to previous Windows editions. This consistency is a major point of contention for those who caught a glimpse of the leaked rendition of Windows 11.

Earlier this week, a complete build of Windows 11, the upcoming Microsoft operating system upgrade, surfaced online for users to explore. At first glance, one might mistakenly think they’re using a Mac computer; Windows 11 has indeed undergone some noticeable design alterations including softer, rounded windows, a taskbar resembling a dock, and a start menu now centered on the screen. For those accustomed to the left-aligned start menu, this shift will require adaptation. A couple of older features have made a comeback from the days of Windows Vista, such as the startup chime and widgets.

Aside from these surface changes, there doesn’t seem to be any obvious differences in the OS, which has both positive and negative implications. Users expressing their views on the leak on Twitter have shown disappointment with both the visual overhaul and the absence of striking functional modifications or enhancements (which Windows 10 could have utilized). Therefore, even though this is not an official preview, it hasn’t made a good initial impression.

Nonetheless, since this version is unofficial (and as convincing as it may seem, it’s also likely to be spurious), the final product could look vastly different. For Microsoft’s sake, let’s hope so, or we might be in for another prolonged dispute.

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