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USA Administration Deregulates French Sauce


USA Administration Deregulates French Sauce

Credit: Unsplash

Surprisingly, the US Food and Drug Administration pays attention to peculiar information about cuisine. For instance, were you aware that for over seven decades, any salad seasoning labeled as “French sauce” was required to have vinegar, lemon or lime juice, and a vegetable oil concentration of 35% or more? Any dressing not meeting those specific criteria was prohibited from using the term “French sauce.”

Not long ago, someone within the USA Administration realized the absurdity of this requirement. Consequently, the Administration declared the deregulation of French dressing, stating that the previous regulations no longer uphold integrity and fairness towards consumers.

The Administration believes that eliminating this outdated regulation will allow for more flexibility in producing the product, in line with similar non-standardized food items available in the market.

Now that the regulations have been revised, condiment producers are free to create and market their own variations of French sauce, under the condition that all ingredients used are considered safe for consumption by the Administration. This change should benefit manufacturers who previously had to navigate loopholes to adhere to the rules, often labeling their products as “imitation” French dressings.

Producers now have the freedom to adjust the vegetable oil content in their French sauce, allowing for creamier or lower-fat options based on the additions or subtractions made. They are also permitted to introduce new elements like tomato paste or additional spices.

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