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US Senators Call for Permanent Daylight Savings


US Senators Call for Permanent Daylight Savings

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The original purpose of daylight savings, as the name implies, was to ensure people had more daylight to work with and to conserve fuel for gas lamps. Of course, no one uses gas lamps anymore, so it’s quite a headscratcher as to why we still bother. I certainly wouldn’t mind doing away with the process, as confusion surrounding Daylight Savings has repeatedly messed with my sleep schedule. Apparently, a group of senators have come to this same conclusion.

A bipartisan coalition of senators from around the United States teamed up to pen the “Sunshine Protection Act of 2021” back in November, and after a misfire, it was reintroduced to the Senate on Tuesday. In the event this act is passed, Standard Time would be negated, leaving Daylight Savings Time as the singular means of timekeeping in all participating states and eliminating the need to set clocks forward or backward.

“The call to end the antiquated practice of clock changing is gaining momentum throughout the nation,” Florida Senator Marco Rubio said in a press release about the bill. “Studies have shown many benefits of a year-round Daylight Saving Time, which is why the Florida legislature voted to make it permanent in 2018. I’m proud to reintroduce this bipartisan bill to make Daylight Saving Time permanent, and give our nation’s families more stability throughout the year.”

“Americans’ lifestyles are very different than they were when Daylight Saving Time began more than a century ago,” Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse said. “Making Daylight Saving Time permanent will end the biannual disruptions to daily life and give families more daylight hours to enjoy after work and school.”

The next instance of Daylight Savings Time is to begin this coming Sunday, March 14. With any luck, if they can get this act passed, it’ll be the last time.

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