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US Senators Advocate for Making Daylight Savings Time Permanent


US Senators Advocate for Making Daylight Savings Time Permanent

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Originally, the concept of daylight savings was aimed at providing more daylight for activities and saving fuel for gas lamps. Nowadays, with the decline in the use of gas lamps, the persistence of this practice is puzzling. Personally, I wouldn’t mind discontinuing it, as the confusion surrounding Daylight Savings disrupts my sleep pattern. A group of senators seems to share this sentiment.

A group of senators from various states in the US collaborated on the “Sunshine Protection Act of 2021” in November and recently reintroduced it to the Senate after an initial setback. If this legislation passes, Standard Time will be abolished, leaving only Daylight Savings Time for timekeeping in all participating states, eliminating the need to adjust clocks forward or backward.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio expressed in a statement regarding the bill, “The movement to abolish the outdated tradition of clock adjustments is gaining traction nationwide. Various studies have highlighted the numerous advantages of year-round Daylight Saving Time, evident by the Florida legislature’s decision to make it permanent in 2018. I am pleased to reintroduce this bipartisan bill to establish Daylight Saving Time as the permanent standard, providing families in our nation with greater consistency throughout the year.”

Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse added, “The modern American lifestyle significantly differs from that of over a century ago when Daylight Saving Time was implemented. Making Daylight Saving Time permanent will eliminate the semiannual disruptions to daily routines, granting families more daylight post-work and school hours for enjoyment.”

The upcoming transition to Daylight Savings Time is scheduled for this Sunday, March 14. Hopefully, with successful passage of this act, it will be the final adjustment.

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