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US Providing Monkeypox Immunizations for Potential Infections


US Providing Monkeypox Immunizations for Potential Infections

While not as widespread as the coronavirus, the transmission of monkeypox has been a pressing issue in the United States in recent months. Fortunately, given the virus’s resemblance to smallpox, it has been verified that smallpox vaccinations are effective against it. Hence, the Department of Health and Human Services is methodically administering doses to possible outbreak zones.

The Health Department declared earlier this week that they will also offer direct monkeypox immunizations to individuals who suspect exposure to the virus.

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra stated, “In response to the initial monkeypox case in the United States, we promptly initiated the distribution of vaccines and treatments to safeguard the populace and curtail the virus’s transmission.”

“Although the risk of monkeypox to most Americans is low, we are exerting every effort to provide immunizations to those at heightened risk of contracting the virus. This novel approach enables us to optimize the current vaccine supply and target those most susceptible to the present outbreak,” he added.

Approximately 56,000 doses of the vaccine are currently being distributed, with an additional 240,000 doses expected in the following weeks. The department specified that vaccinations will be provided to individuals “who had close physical interaction with a confirmed monkeypox case, individuals with information of their partner being diagnosed with monkeypox, and males engaging in sexual activities with multiple partners, especially in locations confirmed with monkeypox presence or where the virus is spreading.”

As of Wednesday, there have been around 305 verified monkeypox cases in the United States.

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