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United Airlines to Mandate Employee Vaccination


United Airlines to Mandate Employee Vaccination

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Various organizations and enterprises across the United States have been progressively implementing stricter measures regarding COVID-19 vaccination for their staff. Some have introduced incentives like paid time off or bonuses, while others have enforced stringent rules such as more frequent COVID screening for unvaccinated individuals. Most major airlines have followed suit, but today, one of them has taken a decisive step forward. If you are employed by United Airlines and wish to continue working there, vaccination is now mandatory for all employees without exceptions.

United Airlines has declared that all 67,000 of its workers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by October 25th, or they risk possible termination. United is the first prominent airline to enforce such a stringent vaccine requirement, distinguishing itself as one of the few major companies to do so.

“While we acknowledge that some may oppose our decision to mandate vaccines for all United employees,” stated United CEO Scott Kirby and President Brett Hart in a communication to employees on Friday, “our utmost responsibility to you and your coworkers is to guarantee a safe work environment, and the evidence is unequivocal: everyone is safer when everyone is vaccinated.”

Given the significant adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the aviation industry, airlines are understandably prioritizing COVID-compliant safety protocols to safeguard their operations.

“Throughout the past 16 months, Scott has sent numerous condolence letters to the families of United employees who succumbed to COVID-19,” mentioned the executives. “We are resolute in our commitment to prevent another United family from receiving such distressing news.”

Following United’s announcement, the Association of Flight Attendants echoed the importance of vaccination. “COVID-19 remains a serious threat,” emphasized the union to its members. “Effective strategies exist to mitigate this threat, with vaccination being indispensable for ending the pandemic and curbing the associated health and economic repercussions.”

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